The Importance of Choosing Proper Summer Eyewear

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The most important reason to wear eyeglasses designed for bright summer months is to promote eye health and safety.

Here is a look at some of the many ways that summer sunwear and tinted lenses keep your eyes safe and healthy through the sunniest months of the year.


1) Minimize the Risk of Developing Sun-Related Health Issues 
The delicacy of the skin around the eyes increases the risk of damage due to sun exposure. In fact, according to a source at the Skin Cancer Foundation, approximately ten percent of all skin cancers occur on the eyelids.


According to Everyday Health, UV radiation increases the risk of developing serious eye problems, including photokeratitis, cataracts, and cancer of the eyelids or skin surrounding this zone. The journalist goes on to state that summer sunwear can efficiently keep your eyes protected from harsh sun rays, minimizing the likelihood of developing dangerous conditions affecting the eyes. Everyday Health is an online provider of evidence-based data referenced from authoritative sources.


2) Protect Your Eyes from Injury 
Being outside not only exposes your eyes to the sun, but it also puts them in risk of becoming injured if the wind kicks up particles of dirt, pollen, or sand. Even small particulates can damage your eyes, while dust and pollen can irritate them. Wearing summer eyewear helps to keep your eyes safe from this type of injury.


3) Promote Recovery from Recent Procedures 
Have your clients ever questioned why you provide a pair of tinted lenses for them to wear after their appointment? Remind them, your goal is to protect their eyes from the harsh glare of the sun.  It is important to stress the fact that if you’ve recently undergone cataract surgery or another vision procedure, wearing eyeglasses with tinted lenses helps your eyes to heal properly, allowing them to recover more easily during post-surgical care.


4) Enhance Your Ability to See the World Around You 
Wearing tinted lenses minimizes the glare created by sunlight while also sharpening the colors and contrast of what you see. According to Epicstoke, a company dedicated to producing technology-based solutions, polarized lenses do a great job of protecting your eyes if you are on the water.  Polarized lenses block reflected light rays from your eyes using a unique filter. No matter what you are doing, wearing summer sunwear can improve your ability to see the world around you. On sunny days, it can help you to see more clearly and even reduce your risk of getting into a traffic accident.


5) Reduce Painful Migraines
Exposing your eyes to bright sunlight puts strain on your eyes, creating fatigue and even discomfort. In fact, a flash of bright sunlight is sometimes all that it takes to trigger a migraine or headache. If you wear eyeglasses properly designed and tinted for the summer, you can reduce the number of headaches or migraines you experience significantly.


Properly tinted summer lenses provide so many benefits and protects your overall eye health and safety, preserving your vision for many years to come. Think ahead and choose specialty lenses for your eyeglasses this summer.
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