Eyeglasses – The Future of Glaucoma Treatment

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Imagine if one day we lived in a world where simply wearing a specialized pair of glasses could treat Glaucoma.

This could be a fantastic alternative to painfully applying eye drops every day. Due to current research and findings, that day may be in the very near future!

A new type of eyewear, developed by Bionode, is currently being tested. Celia Vimont from the American Academy of Ophthalmology explains how these new glasses work and what they are made out of. “The new glasses contain a metal coil that produces a magnetic field and generates a current. The current flows through the ciliary muscles-a ring of muscle within the middle layer of the eye-and electrically stimulates the area where fluid leaves the eye. The treatment allows the natural drainage pathway to work more efficiently. This decreases pressure in the eye.”

When will the new revolutionary pair of glasses be available to the public? (2) Dr. Ahmed who is involved in the research process commented, “Over the course of the next year, we’ll start to see how effective the treatments are, and get a better idea of when it might become commercially available.” Dr. Ahmen also states “Patients do not experience any pain or discomfort and we have not seen any side effects so far.”

The cherry on top? Researchers hope to develop a device that will look similar regular eyeglass frames. The treatment coil would be in the frame surrounding the lens. This means those who suffer from Glaucoma may not have to suffer from poorly designed frames. In fact, the possibilities may be endless for frame design for the specialized lenses.

We live in a world where Glaucoma is one of the main causes of eye damage. (1) According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, “Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness for people over 60 years old.” Our team looks forward to the findings by Bionode and to the modernized future of Glaucoma treatment.
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