How Eye Care Professionals Can Stand Up to Online Retailers

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We live in a day and age where everything is accessible at your fingertips.

Consumers can simply go online and purchase anything they want – including glasses. While online sources are easily accessible, the personal services eye care professionals offer far outweigh what the giants of online retailers can offer.

When a patient is visiting your office, it is crucial to create a positive and personal experience from the beginning to the end of their visit. From the moment they walk in the door, your clients should feel welcomed and comfortable with you and your staff. According to Courtney Dryer, OD from Review of Optometric Business, “Great atmosphere is vital in building patient loyalty and goodwill toward your office.”

As part of building trust with your patients, Daniel Rostenne and Nancy Rausman from EyeCarePro explain why it is important to not enforce penalties if patients chose to fill their prescriptions else where, “Tactics that aim to deter potential customers with a penalty will hurt you in the end.” Instead, allow your client to naturally gravitate to your services and allow them to view it as a privilege to buy from you versus a cold, impersonal online retailer. In turn, your relationship will grow and last infinitely.

Another way for you to educate your clients on the best products offered on the market is to have them properly displayed in your office for all to see! Take the necessary time to create an attractive and engaging display case for patients to view your products. Diane Palombi, OD from Review of Optometric Business advises, “You could show displays that pair a high-end brand with other accessories like purses or scarves, to emphasize the style opportunities you offer with your products. You want to show patients that getting the exact brand they have in mind is part of getting the exact total look they want.”

Drawing clients in with displays creates the opportunity for you to personally guide and show your patient their frame options. Reviews of Optometry have proven our point by saying, “In the optical industry, patients not only have a multitude of frames laid out before them, they also have experts at their disposal to provide guidance, walk them through the process and explain various options.” When shopping online patients do not have this luxury of receiving expert advice from their eye care professionals.

In the end, eye care professionals can and are standing up to online retailers. Creating personal relationships, building loyalty and trust, and receiving guidance through the process is something you just can’t buy online.

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