Eyeglasses as Fashion Statement – Why Even Those With Perfect Vision Are Shopping for Eyewear

As an eye care professional, you know better than most the value of eyewear and eye protection.

What you may not know is that the eyewear you sell has attracted the interest of even those with perfect vision. While eyeglasses were once viewed in a less positive light, a strange thing has happened over the years. These days, eyeglasses are for more than just vision correction – they have become true fashion statements.
If you are limiting your practice to those who need their vision corrected, you are missing out on a golden opportunity. By limiting your potential customers to just half of the population, you are also limiting your profit potential. If you want to double your business and enjoy a steadier stream of income, you need to look beyond vision correction and eye protection and look at the many ways eyeglasses have become fashionable. From designer frames to celebrities who sport clear lenses, the signs are everywhere.

There are many ways to reach out to the perfect vision crowd – the kind of people who do not normally visit the doors of an optical shop. Advertising deals on sun protection is one way to reach out – sun glare is a problem no matter how good your vision. Sunglasses are also a great fashion statement, as evidenced by the ads in all the fashion magazines.

Eye care professionals can also stress the importance of eye protection, even for those with perfect vision. A quality set of eyeglasses, even those with clear lenses, can be the first line of protection when playing sports, working out, hiking or just driving around. By stressing these non-traditional uses for eyewear, you could double your business in no time and enjoy a more predictable source of income.

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