Beyond Sun Protection – Why Optical Practices are Increasing Promotion for Tinted Lenses

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It may be winter time, but that does not mean your customers are putting away their sunglasses.

Tinted lenses are about much more than sun protection, and there are plenty of reasons to use these unique forms of eyewear all year long. While tinted lenses are most closely associated with warm summer weather and long days at the beach, eyes need protection no matter how cold the temperature gets. In fact, the harsh sun glare and light shining off an accumulated snow pack can be even harder on the eyes.
If your customers are coming in from the cold, you might want to give them a wider range of choices than just clear coated lenses. There are plenty of reasons to include tinted lenses in your list of product offerings, not just in the summertime but in the winter season as well. Lenses with a yellow tint have long been favorites for winter sports enthusiasts. You will probably see plenty of yellow sunglasses as Olympic athletes make their way down the ski slopes, and your customers may be seeking the same protection. Athletes love yellow lenses because they do not distort depth perception, and ordinary users love them for the same reason.

Green tinted lenses are another popular choice, but one not every practice chooses to stock. If you want to set your practice apart, adding green tints to your list of offerings could be a smart move. Sunglasses with a green tint produce exceptional visual acuity, along with eye protection in all kinds of conditions. No matter which colors you choose to stock, you can set your practice apart by encouraging customers to look beyond mere sun protection. Transition lenses ( photochromic ) are great for outdoor sun protection as well as beneficial indoors by adjusting to all kinds of lighting. Also polarized lenses are terrific for any kind of glare.

Whatever your patient chooses our lab will deliver quality lenses that meet your exact specifications. Contact us today with any questions regarding our tinting services.

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