Allentown Optical’s NEW Dip Coater Producing Superior AR coatings

Allentown Optical's in-house AR dip coater

Hard-coating by dip is the guarantee for premium scratch resistance applied to a lens. Machine, cleaning and hard-coating application adapted to the anti-reflection process are paramount for the market success. With the cleaning and hard-coating line CHC 20 , Allentown Optical Corp. provides a superior tool and a full solution integrated into our lab.

UV and AR 

Below is a comparison of Allentown Optical’s NEW AR COATINGS Vs. off the shelf AR. The graph shows the UV reflection off the backside of the lens. Notice how Allentown Optical’s AR levels off at 400nm, while normal AR increases rapidly and reflects back into the wearer’s eyes.

Ultraviolet A UVA 400 – 315 nm
Ultraviolet B UVB 315 – 280 nm

Off-the-shelf AR

Allentown Optical Corp. COBALT UV

Allentown Optical Retinal Bliss HEV


Allentown Optical’s AR Selections


AO Sentinel Plus UV AR

Contains layers forUV, (reduces the UV reflections to less than 2%)  anti-static, Super Hydro and an Overcoat for edging. Finished in a Green color.

AO RB Tech AR With UV and HEV  (High Energy Visible Light) Protection

Contains layers for UV, Super Hydro and Overcoat for Edging.

Most lens treatments reflect UV and HEV rays from the backside of the eyeglass lens into the wearer’s eyes. However, RB Tech coating reduces the amount of reflected UVA and HEV rays by up to 95 percent when compared to non-UV AR coatings.

 AO Cobalt Plus AR

Contains layers for Super Hydro and an Overcoat for edging. Finished as a Blue color.

AO Guardian AR

Enhanced Hydro with a Green color.


Retinal Bliss DES

The Digital Eye Strain solution that addresses BOTH sides of the issue

Why Retinal Bliss DES?

Unfortunately, many of the coatings and glasses that are being presented as solutions only address one side of the problem. Allentown Optical Corp. now presents the solution that addresses both the front and the back side of the issue. The Digital Eye Strain Solution Allentown Optical Corp. presents Retinal Bliss – DES as the first solution that addresses the factors that influence Digital Eye Strain on the front of the lens as well as the back. The front of the lens includes a specially formulated HEV Attenuator which helps to reduce the intensity of light associated with LED technologies while addressing environmental light issues as well. The back side of the lens includes Allentown Optical Corp.’s  Retinal Bliss – HEV, the only Anti-Reflective coating that address the harmful and irritating effects of reflected HEV (High Energy Visible) light. A Digital Eye Strain solution that is only on the front of the lens, only provides half of the solution.


Allentown Optical’s NEW Dip Coater

Producing Industry Leading AR coatings

The combination of dip coating (a super hard base for AR coats) and our superior AR recipes allows Allentown Optical to produce state of  the art Anti Reflection coatings.