5 Tips to Help You Select the Perfect Frames

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The market for eyewear frames in the United States is on the rise, with a projection to amass US $8,216 million in 2021. But for many people, selecting the right eyeglass frame is not a walk in the park. Out of the extensive range of options available, most people try almost every pair in a store but end up picking one at random.

However, eyeglasses are a critical component of life so it’s important to make the right choice. Despite the wide variety available in the market, all you need is to get the basics right, and it will be easy to make the final decision. Check the tips below to guide you when selecting eyeglass frames.

1) Know Your Face Shape

There are seven shapes, including oblong, diamond, round, square, oval, triangle, and base-down or base-up. Generally, one should choose frames that are contrary to their face shape. If, for example, you have a round face, rectangular frames are good matches. An oblong face shape would go well with frames that have less width and more depth. While contrasting the face shape, ensure to scale with the face size. 

2) Consider the Frame Size 

As you pick a frame that contrasts the face shape, do not ignore the frame size. You cannot choose large frames that occupy half of your face, especially an oval face. But again, remember that too small frames may compromise the peripheral vision and might feel tight.

The frames should not keep slipping down or result in red marks on your nose. You can shake your head to determine whether the frames will fit your face. You know the frames are too big if they move.

Besides, you will look cross-eyed if the eyes are close to the frames’ interior edges. On the other hand, the glasses appear small if the eyes are distant from the frames’ exterior edges. Avoid wide pair of frames for the eyes that are a bit narrow set. Keep in mind, your eyelashes should not touch the lenses.

3) Match Your Lifestyle

A great pair of frames will match every aspect of your life.

First, we’ve got personality. Frames are the perfect way to show off your own personal style! Add a fun pop of color or a unique shape to give you that edge. 

Then you have to take into consideration your day to day activities. Maybe you’re an athlete and need glasses that support a wraparound band to keep them secure. Do you enjoy time outside? Glasses that allow for tinted lenses may be the way to go. If you’re at a computer all day, you might consider an option for blue light capabilities! The options are endless.

4) Consider the Material

According to the Vision Council, an average person replaces their eyeglass frames at least once a year. Material is yet another component you should consider when choosing eyeglass frames. It is crucial in determining the weight, longevity, and price of a frame.

Mostly, eyeglass frames consist of pure plastic or metal. However, some combine different materials. Plastic frames are usually less expensive, light, and requires less maintenance compared to metal frames. But metal frames typically incorporate adjustable nose pads. Titanium and stainless steel are ideal when it comes to longevity.

5) Consider Your Skin Tone.

Take note of your skin tone when choosing the perfect frames. A skin tone that is warmer does not pair well with pastel-colored frames but would instead pair with khaki, orange, camel, coral, warm blue, copper, gold, red, peach, or camel. On the contrary, someone with cooler tones may want to choose between plum, pink, tortoise, black, silver, blue-gray, rose-brown, jade, magenta, or blue.

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