5 Tips to Hook Gen Z With Your Optical Practice

A man in a hat and glasses holding a cell phone. Wholesale Optical Lab USA.

With Generation Z accounting for a whopping 32% of the global population, they’re going to be the bulk of incoming and repeat optical patients. It’s important that you take the right steps to attract and maintain members of Gen Z at your practice.

Whether you’re looking for patients or staff members, these 5 useful tips will help you to hook Gen Z with your optical practice.

1) Utilize Social Media

The stereotype of Gen Z being glued to social media actually holds true when it comes to the way they discover and consume content and ads. According to the Review of Optometric Business, 98% of Gen Z owns a smartphone and 85% learns about new products via social media. This is a big factor to keep in mind, as traditional paper, television, and web-based advertisement will often go completely unnoticed by them. 

Investing in social media advertisements to reach and recruit Gen Z is a valuable endeavor, as it is by far the main way content reaches them. Many businesses have even taken to social media ads for recruiting staff members too, which is a useful tool to apply to your practice. 

2) Highlight Benefits Upfront

According to Forbes, Gen Z cares more about the benefits of a service than the details of it. Making your benefits and pricing major talking points in your pitch instead of tucking them away for later is an effective way to quickly and easily gain Gen Z’s attention. If they know from the start that they are getting something worthwhile in the long run, they are much more likely to show an interest in your practice. Be sure to show off the stylish frames and specialty lenses you offer and highlight the unique services your practice provides!

This same principle can be applied in advertising the benefits of working at your practice if you’re looking to attract Millennial or Gen Z staff members.

3) Move Fast

Based on a 2018 report from the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average attention span of a Gen Z member is a jaw-dropping 8 seconds. That means you only have those eight seconds to sell your practice.

It’s a bit of a daunting task but if you’re strategic, you can convey your info in that amount of time or less. Within those crucial first seconds of your pitch, it’s important to convey not only the previously mentioned benefits, but also why your practice is different from the others. If you can get those two factors in the first eight seconds, it’s very likely that you can convince a member of Gen Z to watch your whole pitch and seriously consider your optical practice.

4) Get Online

According to Adobe’s CMO, 55% of Gen Z shops online instead of in-person, and with COVID-19 increasing the amount of people staying in, that figure is certain to increase even further. In order to take advantage of these statistics, it’s to allow transactions to be made online. If customers are able to purchase frames or easily book appointments virtually, Gen Z audiences are more likely to participate. 

5) Consult the Pros

Even though it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to navigate some of these newer tactics, shifting to attract Gen Z audiences is essential. Working with an expert team or optical lab may be the quick solution you need in order to do so. 

At Allentown Optical, we have plenty of experience with online ordering, personalized customer service, and have unique product offerings that will catch the eyes of both younger and older generations. Contact us to find out how our team at Allentown Optical can help you optimize your business for the younger generations.