Shamir Lens Designs


Creation – 19mm fitting height

Freeform Opticsdesign resolution up to six times more accurate than standard cast PAL’s

Previous technologies created semi-finished PAL’s which used ceramic molds (mechanical molds)

Freeform Optics – patented software which bypasses the ceramic molds and creates digital molds (Glass Molds) which provide higher resolution.

Analogy would be to compare Freeform Optics to the quality of a digital camera. The higher the pixel count the higher the degree of resolution.

The Creation is available in extended base curve selection. 20% more than leading competitors providing falter, cosmetically superior lens up to 40% flatter ( bases 2,3,4.5,5.5 available) cosmetically appealing plus lens.


Piccolo – 16mm fitting height

Eye Point TechnologyShamir’s proprietary software simulates the human eye at every angle and every distance to deliver uncompromised visual acuity.

Providing – clear far vision, low unwanted astigmatism below the 180 line, wide reading channel and short progression length.

To provide a short corridor lens design a designer may choose to manage unwanted astigmatism across the lens by either spreading it over a larger area in the lens or by increasing the density in limited areas.

Shamir’s design pushes the unwanted astigmatism below the 180 line, giving the patient clearer far vision with less unwanted swim area’s in the distance portion of the design.


ATTITUDE19mm fitting height or 16mm fitting height

A PAL exclusively designed to provide uncompromised visual acuity in fashion forward wrap-around frames.

Using Eye Point Technology Shamir engineers employ surface asphericity to compensate for off center unwanted astigmatism. This is a result of grinding an RX ranging from -4.00 to +2.00 in a 8 base lens.

Choosing a base curve that is not optimized for the desired RX will result in increased unwanted astigmatism. Unwanted astigmatism is perceived as image distortions.

The ATTITUDE is available in the advanced PAL designs the Piccolo and Genesis.


Genesis – 19mm fitting height

Based on Shamir’s breakthrough Eye Point Technology Genesis is the first progressive lens designed through an exact simulation of the human eye.

Patients sense the difference through. Peripheral vision is improved. An objects depth and dimension can be clearly perceived . Enhanced visual clarity in every vision zone


Office – minimum 16mm fitting height

An occupational lens designed to provide uncompromised visual acuity for near and mid-range

Shamir Office is more than a computer lens it is the ideal occupational lens for anyone who needs edge to edge visibly distortion free near and intermediate vision.

Designed in conjunction with patented Eye Point Technology the Office can increase practice revenues while increasing the right patient’s satisfaction in their particular occupation.


Autograph minimum 16mm fitting height (NOT AVAILABLE YET THROUGH

Custom made using Freeform Technology with accuracy up to 1/100 diopter

Back–surface design which provides 20% wider fields of vision in all zones by bringing the design closer to the eye.

Uses Freeform Technology – which incorporates personalized parametersIncluding RX, PD, Frame measurements (A,B, DBL) and segment height


Oct. 22, 07