Emerging Trends: Polarized Sunglasses Aren’t Just for Fishermen Anymore

Polarized sunglasses aren’t new to the world of eyewear, but the reasons more people are wearing them are.

With the incredible new technology and natural colors of the latest polarized sunglass manufacturers, more and more people are protecting their eyes with these enhanced, stylish types of lenses. Here’s what you need to know as their popularity grows.

For years, boaters and fishermen have been the only ones to really see the benefits of polarized sunglasses. Worn to reduce the reflected glare from the water around them, the lenses are specifically designed to minimize the dangerous intensity of polarized light. This type of light typically travels from a flat surface, where instead of being dispersed in multiple directions, it remains uniformed and much harsher on your eyes.

So while regular sunglasses are still great for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and UVB light, people are now discovering the added benefit of reduced glare that polarized sunglasses can provide. That’s because it’s the same light people see reflected off the hood of their car while driving or fresh, white snow while skiing. For any outdoor enthusiast, they’re helping optimize safety and improve performance while being active.

This minimized glare is possible due to an embedded chemical film in polarized eyewear in which the molecules are lined up to create slots. These openings are horizontal to only allow light in the same orientation to pass through. So while worn in an upright position, all vertical light, like what is reflected off water and dashboards, is blocked from reaching your eyes.

The safety and clarity of polarized sunglasses is simply unmatched to that of regular sunglasses in comparison, helping you see more detail and experience less fatigue from long days outside. The downside is that this same protection also reduces the visibility of images on LCDs or LEDs such as on ATM and gas pump screens, as well as phones and watches, which can cause annoyance to everyday wearers. But this still hasn’t seemed to hinder their recent increase in popularity.

The higher costs of polarized eyewear have also been worth the benefits for many, while new, modern designs and styles have also appealed to all types of sunglass wearers and not just outdoor enthusiasts. People can choose from unique silhouettes, removable nose pieces and lightweight frame materials. And with greater definition and more natural color, wearers are able to see detail beyond normal capabilities with a number of high-level filters from various manufacturers. No one wants to sacrifice the vibrant blues ocean water on a beach day or the incredible contrasts of a mountain range on a weekend hike. And why should they?

As more and more people are seeing the benefits of polarized sunglasses, the increased demand for these solutions has really taken off. Everyone deserves to see more clearly and protect their eyes without missing out on any outdoor fun. Contact us to find out more about the best polarized eyewear products and solutions to offer your patients.

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