Vision Health Alliance: A New Dawn For Vision Care Awareness

A woman discussing with a doctor in a room. Optics Suppliers Pennsylvania.

Eye health is of imperative importance to each individual. Over 177 million Americans need vision correction treatment. Of the 177 million who need vision correctness, 61% suffer from myopia, while 31 % suffer from presbyopia. With these statistics, there should be an insatiable need to educate and spread awareness about vision care.

This August, the Vision Council launched the Vision Health Alliance as part of its vision to spearhead consumer awareness of the importance of eye health. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology(AAO) survey on 3500 adults, the following statistics were obtained.
•    81% are well versed about vision health
•    19% only know about the three causes of blindness; glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease.
•    47% are knowledgeable about the fact that vision loss doesn’t affect all people equally.
•    37% of those studied knew that people don’t always experience symptoms before losing their vision to eye diseases.

With the planned launch of the Vision Health Alliance awareness campaign, there are various issues that optical professionals want to achieve, besides having a platform for which they can address the information gap that exists concerning vision care to the general public. What does Vision Health Alliance as a program purpose to do? As a program of the Better Vision Institute, an educational segment of the Vision Council, the primary purposes of the Vision Health Alliance are
•    To educate consumers about the importance of vision protection, eye health, and comprehensive eye examinations.
•    To spread awareness which aims at portraying and pedestalizing eye health as critical to overall health.
•    To unite consumers and vision care companies together towards a  common commitment to a brighter future for vision health.

The launch of the Vision Health Alliance heralds an important step in the right direction for optical professionals and also consumers. For long, optical professionals have not had a platform on which they can spread awareness concerning vision care to consumers. However, Vision Health Alliance has given optical professionals a new lease of life as they aim to advance the importance of vision health to consumers.

What does the launch of Vision Health Alliance mean to optical professionals?

For optical professionals, the Vision Health Alliance couldn’t have been launched at a better time. With the pandemic having triggered the sensitization of how to live a health-conscious life, the time for spreading awareness couldn’t be timed any better. People are more adept at knowing their health status, and they are keener on information that concerns their health. With the launch of the Vision Health Alliance, optical professionals are bound to benefit through
•    Having a platform that creates opportunities for increased outreach to consumers by joining hands with the Vision Health Alliance as partners. This will help optical professionals leverage a strategic partnership that will help them traverse different demographic areas.
•    Opportunities to spread awareness of different categories of vision care and vision health products as solutions to the general population’s existing eye problems.

How will consumers benefit from the launch of Vision Health Alliance?

Undoubtedly, the consumer is the intended recipient of the awareness campaigns and the proposed strategic partnership between optical professionals and the Vision Health Alliance. As the consumer, the benefits are all engrossed in ensuring that you
•    Access expert knowledge on eye care problems and how and when to seek optical advice.
•    Access comprehensive eye exams which will help to inform you about your visual health.
•    Have close access to health care facilities offering vision health education and eye examinations due to partnerships between Vision Health Alliance and optical professionals as the campaign reaches more demographics.

Vision health is as imperative as overall health. With this in mind, it is paramount to educate and spread awareness regarding the benefits of vision health. For your optical lab needs, contact us and check out our optical services and products.