The following are facts about SHAMIR

Shamir was established in 1970 as an engineering firm and is now the largest lens designer in the world.

In 2004 Shamir had cooperatively designed 7 of the 12 top selling progressive lenes

Shamir designed the first free form lens the Definity six years ago.

Shamir has trademark rights to the phrase free form technology which was established in 1999.

Free form technology is the surfacing of both the front and backside of the lens to create the RX.

Shamir produces their own molds using a precise grinding process which was once a glass mold process.

Eye Point Technology also a patented invention of Shamir uses digital technology to design a progressive lens using 3500 points of reference on the lens. Previously to this technology only 350 points of reference where used.

Shamir has designed a progressive lens the Attitude to compensate for the distortions attributed to a wrap style frame. This design is used by sunglass names such as Maui Jim and Oakley.