How To: Drive Optical Practice Growth

optical practice growth

Growth is the key to any successful business. Fine-tune your process and learn how to drive your optical practice growth in just a few steps. By implementing action points, you will begin to see improvements in your optical business through increased profits and new patients in no time.

Alright, let’s SEE what we can do!

Take business online.

An online presence is key, especially amidst the increasing need for telehealth and online consultations with eyecare providers. In a digital world like today, it’s essential to have a digital plan for the future of your business. What does this look like?

A website is oftentimes the first view a customer has into your business. First impressions are important so make sure the key components are front and center. A strong mission statement is key, ensuring customers know what kind of optical service you provide. Next, reviews are the best way to share how wonderful your business is with newcomers. Lastly, an online scheduling system implemented on your website makes for an easier process and allows for automation and reminders. The most important part of a website refresh is making it easy to navigate.

Discover long-term solutions.

Your business goal is for continual growth. You don’t hit a checkpoint and stop immediately, right? This means long-term goals and solutions must be worked into the framework of your plan. This looks like ensuring an accessible and convenient location for your practice. It’s important to be in a place that is best for your intended clientele. Another concrete way to ensure you’re giving your patients the best experience possible would be to take time to investigate your competition in the surrounding area and in the industry. See what other opticians are doing and how you might want to implement some of those practices into your own.

Investing in your optical practice is a sure-fire way of ensuring business growth. This looks like ensuring all technology is up to date and working easily. Research, training, and testing may be necessary for your staff. It’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and technology in order to provide the highest level of care possible for patients.

Be aware of the numbers.

A big part of navigating business growth is understanding how to track it! Conducting routine audits will give you the capability to measure growth and investigate your pain-points, or in other words, where you are struggling to excel. You can then be aware of your budget and your sales as well, putting production goals into place, as well as intentionally increasing sales or promotions on your product.

Pick your team carefully.

Reliable, educated, dedicated, and eager… all qualities present in a strong optician. Determine your staff and lab partners based on these factors and business will increase. Not only will your clients and employees have a more pleasant experience with your business, but the workload will be more evenly distributed between trustworthy individuals. There is now more time to a lot to bigger or longer-term projects.

Everyone brings new ideas and different skill sets to the table. That’s why it’s important to select your team mindfully. Allentown Optical has a quality team with strong skills that is ready to take on your next project or partnership. Rely on our solutions to help drive your optical practice growth and let us help you be the best optical business you can be. Learn more about our services here.

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