Digital Surfacing Technology For The Future

A woman at a Wholesale Optical Lenses Laboratory gazes at an eye exam machine, ensuring precise vision testing.

Thanks to advances in technology, the eye care industry is constantly evolving. From the perspective of an optical lab, we appreciate being able to provide the best products, services, and value to our customers. This includes digital surfacing, which offers clearer vision than ever before.

Why use digital lens technology?

The primary reason to use digital surfacing is that it provides the wearer with an exact prescription, eliminating the need to round to the nearest setting. Traditional lenses have been replaced by these “free-form” lenses that take into account frame fitting position, prescription, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, and eye movement patterns. Overall clarity and peripheral vision are improved by digital surfacing techniques. They are considered to be much more accurate and offer wider vision channels.

A versatile choice

Though we sometimes take advanced technology for granted, it’s important to point out the technical advantages offered by digital surfacing. Surface designs are recorded digitally and can be modified as needed based on patient and frame data when the actual lens is created. The computer translates the prescription data and controls the lathe used to produce a patient’s lenses. Because of the infinite prescriptions that can be produced, digital lenses are a versatile choice, offering customized solutions for sports, hobbies, reading, and computer wear. 

Benefits for progressive lens wearers

Nearly any patient that requires prescription lenses will see an improvement in digitally surfaced lenses over traditional lenses. However, those that require progressive lenses, especially with high prescriptions and astigmatism, experience some of the greatest benefits. Not only they are offered a wider range of vision and increased accuracy, the lenses can also be produced in a way that is lighter, more comfortable, and can be used in a wider variety of lenses and styles.

The future

Digital surfacing has been around for several years but is fast becoming the industry standard for optical labs and eye care professionals. It is just one part of a move towards greater efficiency, accuracy, and versatility in optical labs. That being said, not all labs are equal in the way they produce their product and the services they offer. At Allentown Optical, we are committed to not only providing the most technologically advanced services but personalized customer service. We take a hands-on, human approach to delivering the best optical products and services to our clients.