Eradicating Poor Vision With “Changing Life Through Lenses Day”

A little girl getting her glasses adjusted by an optometrist at Wholesale Optical Frames

Optometrists and Optical Professionals take an oath once they graduate from school to serve their communities in their professional capacities to the very best of their ability. “Changing Life Through Lenses Day” is one example of an initiative where the optometrist community works to curb poor vision regardless of a person’s socio-economic status.

Initially, “Changing Life Through Lenses Day” was first championed as a program under the Essilor Vision Foundation in late 2018 as a first-of-its-kind charity working to equip optical professionals with the necessary tools to eradicate poor vision within the less privileged in the community. The foundation is now known as The OneSight Essilor Luxottica Foundation. The program helps eye doctors to host their own “Changing Life Through Lenses Day” on a chosen day. The program outfits charitable patients with prescription glasses at no cost to the patient or practice.

How does it work?

These glasses are un-cut and frame-to-come with bifocal lenses or single-vision polycarbonate lenses. Eye doctors or Optometrists create an online account via OneSight Essilor Luxottica Foundation’s website. On the website, account registration is an interactive experience allowing immediate and real-time ordering of the glasses. Optical Doctors also have an option to order a 30-frame collection at no cost to support the initiative. One can also rent examination equipment and marketing materials for their “Changing Life Through Lenses Day” Program via the same website.

Other resources available to eye health professionals via the program include a guide to help with planning, a checklist to ensure eye doctors have everything they need before, during, and after their event, and the ability to download reports and track referrals from third-party organizations.

Program Criteria

 Recipients of this novel initiative must meet various criteria,

  • An agreement to participate
  • The eye doctor is to provide the exam at no cost
  • NPI/License number for the doctor is needed for registration
  • Orders are automatically routed via the OneSight EssilorLuxxotica Foundation’s lab network
  • Patients need to be at/below the poverty line, without insurance, as reasonably determined by the provider.

Program Outreach

More than 10 million children in the United States struggle with poor vision to date, with greater than half lacking access to essential eye care. Since its inception, the “Changing Life Through Lenses Day” initiative has been leading the charge against poor vision and its lifelong consequences by aiding optical professionals as they give back to society.

Seeing is believing, and given that 80% of what children learn daily is through sight, it is vital to highlight the prominence of vision in a child’s life. Issues disseminating from sight not only affect a child’s schooling but their social life and well-being. This is why the “Changing Life through Lenses Day” program positively impact society.

The team at Allentown Optical is glad to partner with you during your “Changing Life Through Lenses “Day. Check out our services and contact us with any questions.