The Camber Lens – An Optician’s Best Friend

Camber lens

The ophthalmology industry is constantly evolving due to improvements in technology that are being made every day. The Camber lens is one of the recent developments we see changing the field completely. This latest advancement in digital lenses is a pretty big deal.

The Camber lens solves problems that were ever-present in the field prior to its development. It used to be hard to find a comfortable balance between the distance zone and reading area for the wearer. Now, Camber lenses use a new form of front curve technology that provides those who wear them a greater field of vision from both perspectives.

Camber benefits not just the wearer

Camber lenses create a better field of vision in all zones compared to single vision blank. They are fully customizable and can be specifically tailored to the needs of each and every patient. There is easier adaptation for the wearer, and they make finding reading areas with the eye an easier process. The benefits for the wearer seem endless, but they are not the only ones who benefit from this new technology.

Opticians and labs benefit a great deal from this new form of superior optics. Camber lenses are the newest digital technology, and as an optician, you can feel confident that you are dispensing something far more advanced than other lenses on the market. Another great thing about these lenses is that with a higher base curve prescription, like camber lenses have, it makes frame selection an easier process due to the fact that there are fewer limitations. Lastly, the convenience of these lenses is something to get excited about. They have very similar processing to any other standard digital progressives.

Wearer comparison study

A study was conducted where the test subjects were each given a different pair of glasses for each week they participated, each containing a different lens. One was processed from single vision lens blanks and the other was from camber lens blanks. In this “double-blind” research study, wearers and administrators were not told which lens the wearer was using each week. In the end, results showed that 100% of wearers reported that the near zone was easier to find with the camber lenses, 83% claimed they had easier adaptation with camber lenses, and lastly, 94% stated that their near vision quality was equal or better with the Camber lenses. This study shows that there are clear cut benefits to this new form of technology.

Camber lenses are one of the best in the field and are user-preferred. Allentown Optical is a proud carrier of Camber digital lenses along with other virtually endless options. We take pride in the fact that we offer the most up to date and groundbreaking technology. We encourage you to visit our products page to see what else Allentown Optical has to offer. We are sure that we can provide you the best possible experience and end product. We want to see your practice get taken to the next level.