$50 for Every 5 Pairs of

PLUS every Camber lens order will be upgraded to include Cobalt AR for FREE!

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For a limited time, receive $50 when you sell 5 pairs of

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Receive $50 for every 5 pairs of Camber lenses sold! Plus, every pair of Camber lenses will be upgraded to include Cobalt AR for FREE! Simply complete the tracking form with your Camber order information.


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Once all of the orders have been verified, Allentown Optical will issue you a check! There is no limit  to the number of pairs you can claim. The $50 will be issued per 5 pairs only and will not be prorated.


The Camber Lens

The technology incorporated in these progressive lenses represents a completely revolutionary concept. The Camber lens blank has a unique front surface with a variable base curve, which means the power of the front surface increases continuously from top to bottom.

This provides the ideal base curve for all visual areas  while reducing oblique aberrations in the lens. Thanks to the unique function of its front surface, all Camber finished lenses offer unbeatable vision quality at any distance, especially in the near zone .

Camber lenses are the state-of-the-art in progressive lenses.

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