Build Your Optical Business – Customer Service is Key

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Whether you are just starting out in the optical industry or you are a part of an established business, it is important to consider your strategy for building and maintaining a customer base. Keeping consistent customers coming back and new customers coming in the door is what keeps a business going. First and foremost, your approach to customer service is one of the most important aspects of your business model. That’s why we’ve outlined some of the vital parts of your customer service plan.

1. Convenience

Even if you provide the best possible services, experience, and products to each customer, it will go unnoticed if it is not backed up by convenience for the customer. This means offering desirable services, like affordable eye exams and an easy start to finish process for purchasing eyewear and accessories. Also very important are business hours that occur outside of when many people are at work. Offering hours early in the morning, later in the afternoon/evening, and on the weekends is a must for many customers. Finally, timely delivery of the final product goes a long way towards customer satisfaction.

2. Professional and Knowledgeable Staff

Now that your convenient hours have brought your customer through the door, they should be greeted warmly by a staff that understands the industry, products, and the finer points of delivering a pleasant customer experience. Choosing and purchasing eyewear may be a stressful situation from some customers, and they should be made to feel as comfortable as possible.

Offering staff opportunities for continuing education and encouraging them to stay up to date on eye industry trends allows them to be knowledgeable and confident in leading customers through the entire process of testing, choosing, and purchasing eyewear and products. In turn, their confidence lets the customer know that they are receiving the best services and products possible.

3. Excellent Product Selection

The customer is relying on you to provide the correct products for their specific prescription needs, but they may be more concerned with choosing eyewear based on appearance. It’s important to provide them with a wide variety of frame choices from trendy and modern to classic and timeless. Offering a large selection guarantees that your customer will find the possible frames for their individual needs. If they walk out of the store delighted with the look and fell of their new glasses, they are much more likely to return to your store when they need a new pair. 

Behind the Scenes

Each of the above aspects of your eyecare business contribute to the overall customer experience and happiness. Happy customers are likely to be repeat customers and will recommend your business to their family and friends.

However, succeeding in customer service and experience is not possible unless you are well supported behind the scenes. Your optical lab choice will play a role in how you perform. Furthermore, as an eyecare business, you deserve the same treatment from your optical lab that you provide to your customers. An excellent optical lab, like Allentown Optical, is committed to first-rate customer service, professional and knowledgeable staff, and outstanding products and services. We are committed to providing the best in optical products and services for our clients.