Allentown Optical's NEW Dip Coater Producing Superior AR coatings

Hard-coating by dip is the guarantee for premium scratch resistance applied to a lens. Machine, cleaning and hard-coating application adapted to the anti-reflection process are paramount for the market success. With the cleaning and hard-coating line CHC 20 , Allentown Optical Corp. provides a superior tool and a full solution integrated into our lab.

UV and AR 

Below is a comparison of Allentown Optical’s NEW AR COATINGS Vs. off the shelf AR. The graph shows the UV reflection off the backside of the lens. Notice how Allentown Optical’s AR levels off at 400nm, while normal AR increases rapidly and reflects back into the wearer’s eyes.

Ultraviolet A UVA 400 – 315 nm
Ultraviolet B UVB 315 – 280 nm  

Off the Shelf AR

Off the Shelf AR



Allentown Optical Corp. COBALT UV

Cobalt UV Cc5

Allentown Optical Retinal Bliss HEV

Retinal Bliss HEV Cc

Allentown Optical’s AR

Allentown Optical's AR Selections

Allentown Optical’s AR Selections

AO Sentinel Plus UV AR

     Contains layers for UV, (reduces the UV reflections to less than 2%)  anti-static, Super Hydro and an Overcoat for edging. Finished in a Green color.

AO RB Tech AR With UV and HEV  (High Energy Visible Light) Protection

Contains layers for UV, Super Hydro and Overcoat for Edging.

Most lens treatments reflect UV and HEV rays from the backside of the eyeglass lens into the wearer’s eyes. However, RB Tech coating reduces the amount of reflected UVA and HEV rays by up to 95 percent when compared to non-UV AR coatings.

 AO Cobalt Plus AR

   Contains layers for Super Hydro and an Overcoat for edging. Finished as a Blue color.

AO Guardian AR

   Enhanced Hydro with a Green color.

Allentown Optical’s NEW Dip Coater

Producing Industry Leading AR coatings


The combination of dip coating (a super hard base for AR coats) and our superior AR recipes allows Allentown Optical to produce state of  the art Anti Reflection coatings.



Allentown Optical Work in Progress Reporting System

Reports Sent using Fax or Email

Internet Faxing is simply using the Internet to send you Work in Process reports instead of using a fax machine or fax modem. Since it is web based, Allentown Optical can send you emails and faxes anytime, anywhere. All reports are emailed faxed at the end of the day. This feature needs to be set up at the lab, call 610-433-5269 or


Allentown Optical Account's Work in Progress

Allentown Optical Account’s Work in Progress

Another option for checking your work is to use our Lens Order Status Site. This data is updated every 30 minutes. You will need to supply your username and password after using this link Lens Order Status

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Work in progress log in page

Work in progress log in page

Report Page

Live Work in Progress

Live Work in Progress



Contact: George Kim, V.P., Leybold Optics                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Leybold Optics, USA announces that Allentown Optical has acquired state-of-the-art Anti-Reflective coating technology, specifically a CCSII A/R coating machine & premium A/R coating processes.  The acquisition of this equipment and technology from Leybold Optics will allow Allentown to better serve their customers by bringing their A/R coating production in-house. Allentown Optical underwent a significant facilities expansion to add this equipment coupled with intensive staff training.  Joe Felker, VP of Allentown Optical, stated, “In an effort to provide best in class service and products to our customers and in order to maintain our competitive edge, we needed to acquire the latest in Anti-Reflective Coating Equipment and Technology there was only one choice and that was Leybold.   With the acquisition of this technology, Allentown Optical will now offer the latest in extremely durable and long lasting A/R coatings to our customers from our in-house coating lab.”

“Joe and his team at Allentown Optical had stringent quality requirements so we were able to customize our equipment and process technology to give Allentown Optical and their customers the same level of quality coatings that typically had only been available to the leading lens manufacturers, while anticipating their future growth.  We are extremely excited to be working so closely with such a quality Rx Lab and look forward to a long term partnership.” said Kevin Cross, US Ophthalmic Manager for Leybold Optics.

Allentown Optical is based in Allentown, PA, and is a leading, full-service, independent wholesale Rx lab.

Leybold Optics USA is based in Cary, N.C, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leybold Optics GmbH, headquartered in Alzenau, Germany.  Leybold Optics is one of the world’s leading providers of vacuum technology.  Leybold Optics stands for innovation and quality.


For more information please contact George Kim, VP at 919-657-7123 or email

Allentown Optical Corp.’s Premier AR Facility

Allentown Optical Corp. has installed state of the art AR equipment from  Leybold Optics.

Mike Sprague loads CCS AR dome

Mike Sprague checks CCS parameters

Joe Felker loads CCS AR recipe

Joe Felker at quality control

AR Room

AR Room

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She Blinded Me with Science….the effect of electronics on our eyes

She Blinded Me with Science….the effect of electronics on our eyes.


She Blinded Me with Science….the effect of electronics on our eyes

Digital Eye Strain (DES) coatings are all the rage, and they should be.  They potentially serve a very big benefit.  All of our electronics are emitting vast amounts of HEV light

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Four All & Mini Progressive

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Checking Prism on a Progressive Lens

prism reference point

Taken from from web site:

For a progressive power lens or semifinished lens blank, that point on the front surface stipulated by the manufacturer at which the prismatic effect of the finished lens is determinde. NOTE: The prism measured is the resultant of prescribed prism

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Refraction Index of Various Substances

In 1621, a Dutch physicist named Willebrord Snell (1591-1626), derived the relationship between the different angles of light as it passes from one transperent medium to another. When light passes from one transparent medium to another, it bends according to Snell’s law which states: that the angle of refraction is related to the

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Wrap Prescription Sunglasses

There is high demand for sunwear in wrap form; it is estimated that as many as 25% of the prescription market is dispensed in highly curved lenses. Besides looking cool, wrap sunwear also provides better wind, dust, and sun protection than other lenses since they fit close and reduce light leak. However, the lens position

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Transposing a Rx prescription is simply converting the prescription from minus cylinder notation to plus cylinder notation. The optical properties of the prescription remain the same.

Procedure: 1) Add the cylinder power to the sphere power to arrive at the new sphere power.

2) Change the sign of the cylinder power.

3) Add or subtract

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